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Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors Supporting Your Organization

Heritage roofing installation

Heritage Metals & Construction

Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors Supporting Your Organization

Commercial roof & exterior wall construction is a specialized area and not just any construction contractor can get the job done efficiently and dependably. Working with both General Contractors and directly with property owners, Heritage Metals & Construction has built our business on honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Providing exceptional workmanship, quality product and prompt service, we can get the job done while other vendors are still sourcing their materials. Our licensed and insured team is experienced with working in busy commercial environments and maintains the highest standards for safety and efficiency.

We understand that each structure is unique. That’s why Heritage Metals & Construction provides a wide range of commercial and residential roof and exterior wall system options along with exceptional products and materials installed and maintained by experienced and qualified specialists.

Our team can provide and install any roof or wall system and customize chosen options to suit the needs of your property. Roof repairs and complete roof replacement are important investments. Trust Heritage Metals & Construction to ask the right questions that allow building owners to make the most informed decisions regarding roofing and exterior wall systems.


Benefits of Partnering with Heritage Metals & Construction

  • Cost Effective Solutions

    Long lasting roofing options that require minimal maintenance and repair

  • Fast production

    Materials are cut on premises, allowing for quick adjustments to panel sizes

  • Reduced lead time

    Materials are delivered within one week, under normal circumstances

  • Longer finish warranties

    Up to 30-year standard warranty on most materials

  • Made in the USA

    No overseas shipping delays

Exceptional Customer Service and Follow Up

Heritage Metals & Construction provides regular checks and inspections and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. For quality service and superior workmanship for project installation and repair, call the specialists at (682) 472-6282. We promise you will be delighted with the superior quality product and outstanding service you will receive.

Free No Obligation Commercial and Residential
Roof & Exterior Wall System Estimates

Heritage Metals & Construction installs roofing and exterior walls on any existing commercial or residential structure. Our professionals provide free estimates and a complete and detailed analysis of the many factors involved in the installation, repair, or replacement of your project. With many successful roofing and wall projects completed, we can fulfill any requirement.

Contact Heritage Metals & Construction to learn more about our full range of solutions and get help determining which would be best for your property.

  • TPO Membrane

    The Industry’s Premier Heat-Weldable Roofing System

  • EPDM Membrane

    Duarable Reinforced Roofing Systems

  • PVC Membrane

    Proven Performance in Chemical-Resistant Roofing

  • FleeceBACK

    Reinforced Multiple-Ply Roofing Systems

  • Metal Roof & Exterior Wall Panels

    A Full Line of Exterior Metal Solutions

  • Specialty Systems

    Historic Renovations and Restorations