TPO Membrane


Reinforced Multiple-Ply Roofing Systems

TPO Membrane

TPO Membrane

The Industry’s Premier Heat-Weldable Roofing System

Utilizing VELCRO® Brand Securable Solutions, the revolutionary FleeceBACK membrane provides a fully adhered EPDM, PVC, or TPO system without the use of adhesives. A Fleece backing adds toughness, durability, and enhanced puncture resistance while polyester reinforcement provides excellent breaking strength. Superior rooftop protection and long-term durability are the cornerstones of this reinforced membrane that provides excellent wind uplift resistance due to the bond between fleece and adhesive. The energy efficient white color reflects sunlight while achieving Energy Star® & California Title 24 compliance. It also provides enhanced chemical resistance to acids, bases, restaurant oils, fats, greases and acid rain.

FleeceBACK Advantages

Increased Protection

Fleece reinforcement creates a thick, durable sheet with increased protection against tears, punctures, hail, and extreme weather.

Quiet Installation

Quiet, low-odor installation, ideal for re-roofing occupied buildings.

Energy efficient

Energy efficient membrane, provides additional R-value.

Wind Resistant

TPO's thicker membranes can withstand higher temperatures and UV rays - keeping buildings cooler in the summer



Mechanically Fastened

The most widely installed system in commercial roofing, mechanically fastened assemblies are perfect for areas with moderate winds.



A fully adhered system provides the highest level of stability and uplift protection, plus a complete line of adhesives available for high-wind areas.


A revolutionary membrane attachment method that provides a fully adhered system without the use of adhesives.


    Revolutionary FleeceBACK systems are preferred for new construction and re-roofing projects and are particularly well-suited for critical facilities that require superior protection against severe weather, as well as Roof Garden and solar applications.


    FleeceBACK membranes are installed using a VOC- free adhesive for a quiet, low-odor, non-penetrating application. The membranes weigh less than half a pound per square foot yet create a roof system that offers superior durability, wind uplift, and hail resistance. Their ability to re-cover virtually any existing roofing system makes FleeceBACK very cost-competitive with traditional modified systems.


    Composed of EPDM, TPO, PVC, or KEE HP membranes adhered with a strong 55-mil fleece, FleeceBACK systems provide long-term protection against high winds, hail, and punctures. The highly durable membranes pass FM’s Severe Hail rating when adhered directly to concrete achieving a UL 2218 Class 4 rating. They also offer greater dynamic puncture resistance than two-ply mod bit in the ASTM D5635 puncture test.


    FleeceBACK membranes provide uplift pressures ranging from 90-990 psf, depending on the substrate. As a result of this extraordinary wind uplift performance, the preferred adhesive system offers an industry-leading 80 mph standard wind speed warranty that can be upgraded to 120 mph with design enhancements. Most manufacturers of asphaltic systems begin their wind exclusions with “gales”, which include wind speeds as low as 39 mph.


    White FleeceBACK EPDM, TPO, PVC membranes are all highly reflective. Asphaltic roofing systems rely on factory-applied acrylic coatings, films, or special granules, all of which have the potential to become dislodged or un-bonded over time. The granular surface texture also promotes dirt accumulation, compared to smooth-surfaced FleeceBACK membranes. A protective film protects the surface of the FleeceBACK TPO membrane, keeping it white and reflective during installation.


    FleeceBACK combined with the different commercial membranes provide unique benefits.

    • FleeceBACK EPDM membranes are manufactured using patented hot melt adhesive technology to bond the fleece to the EPDM and feature Factory-Applied Tape™ for consistent, high-quality seams.
    • FleeceBACK TPO membranes are manufactured using a hot melt extrusion process for complete scrim encapsulation, are chlorine- and plasticizer-free, and provide excellent long-term reflectivity.
    • FleeceBACK TPO contains an extra weathering package, which provides excellent resistance to UV and extreme temperatures.
    • FleeceBACK PVC and KEE HP are manufactured using a hot melt extrusion process for complete scrim encapsulation and provide excellent reflectivity and resistance to chemicals, acids, bases, restaurant oils, and greases.


    FleeceBACK offers industry leading warranty coverage for all roof systems, giving you the peace of mind of knowing that your rooftop will perform for the long haul. Systems are backed by transferrable warranties that provide unparalleled coverage of leaks, high wind speeds, hail, and accidental punctures.