PVC Membrane

PVC Membrane

Proven Performance in Chemical-Resistant Roofing

PVC Membrane

PVC Membrane

Proven Performance in Chemical-Resistant Roofing

PVC is a popular and trusted membrane with decades of waterproofing protection and superior resistance across America. PVC (polyvinyl chloride) single-ply membranes have provided dependable protection and proven performance since the 1960s, making them a popular and economical choice. PVC’s resistance to chemicals, grease, fire, and punctures make it an ideal choice for a wide variety of low- and high-slope buildings, including restaurants, schools, laboratories, factories, and airports.

PVC Membrane Advantages

Superior Resistance

Highly resistant to chemicals, grease, fire, and animal fat.

Energy Efficiency

Besides keeping buildings cool, PVC is also able to be recycled many times over - extending the life cycle.


PVC has been providing dependable protection since the 1960s.

Heat/UV Resistant

Low thermal conductivity allows PVC to reduce the cooling load in a building.

Easy to Repair

With a high degree of weldability and a full line of prefabricated flashing accessories, PVC is easy to both install and repair.



Mechanically Fastened

The most widely installed system in commercial roofing, mechanically fastened assemblies are perfect for areas with moderate winds.



A fully adhered system provides the highest level of stability and uplift protection, plus a complete line of adhesives available for high-wind areas.


Induction Welded

Another version of mechanically fastened this method secures membrane to plates with the help of a portable induction welding tool.



    In recent years, technological advancements coupled with a reliable track record have resulted in exponential growth in the utilization of PVC roofing membranes. PVC membrane is an excellent choice for almost any roofing project that is exposed to harsh conditions including chemicals, fire hazards, punctures, or threat of vandalism. Heritage Metals & Construction can help you select the best option from a variety of thicknesses, widths, colors, and polyester- or fiberglass-reinforcement types for your particular application.


    For over 50 years, PVC has proven to be a high-performance single-ply roofing membrane. New formulations have improved its integrity, flexibility, and weatherability. By using only the highest-quality raw materials, including antioxidants, UV absorbers, light and heat stabilizers, and critical biocides, PVC’s long-term performance has been significantly enhanced. Having antimicrobials within the PVC formulation means the membrane remains protected for the life of the roofing system. Used in a variety of assemblies, including plaza decks, roof gardens, and solar applications, it also offers excellent resistance to ponding water and is even used to line swimming pools.


    One of the most chemical-resistant single-ply membranes, PVC is non-poisonous, and is resistant to alkalis, acids, and many organic solvents which enhances the performance and long-term service life of the roofing system. It has high resistance to oil and grease from restaurants; jet fuels, nitrogen oxides, and deicing chemicals from airports; and various other chemicals and cleaning solutions from factories and laboratories that might get on the roof and cause damage to other membranes. PVC is the most fire-resistant of all roofing membranes, is difficult to ignite, has low heat release, generates less smoke than other materials, and is self-extinguishing in case of a fire. PVC is also resistant to bird droppings, biological organisms, and pollution, providing further protection against premature degradation.


    PVC roofing membranes are strengthened by tenacious, weft-inserted reinforcing fabrics that enhance resistance to the punctures and tears that can be caused by vandalism and routine foot traffic of maintenance personnel. Certain formulations are classified as Type IV – the strongest/highest rating available – according to the ASTM D4434 PVC Standard, while other membranes are only rated as Type III. Accidental puncture warranty coverage is available which will fix punctures on the roof – regardless of who caused the damage – up to a certain number of hours per year.


    PVC membranes are seamed using a hot-air gun to weld the rolled material together and can be installed quickly in a wide range of temperatures, allowing a better chance for good welds and fewer leaks. A large selection of products include low-odor, water-based adhesives that are ideal for projects undertaken while occupants are in the building. Compounded with heat stabilizers, the membrane is heat tolerant while also remaining flexible in temperatures as low as -56°F (-48°C), so it will not split or crack and stands up to repeated exposure to severe climates.


    PVC is the oldest thermoplastic in the world and the only thermoplastic that is not comprised of 100% fossil fuels. About 57% of PVC is chlorine, which is derived from the salt in salt water and the remainder of the formulation is from natural gas; both are extremely abundant in the world. Yet the presence of chlorine imparts a range of unique technical features in PVC that set it apart from many other polymers. PVC is flame-retardant, non-poisonous, and resistant to alkalis, acids, and many organic solvents. The addition of plasticizers imparts flexibility and elasticity to the material. With salt being the primary raw material, PVC uses comparatively few non-renewable fossil fuels in its production, offering both an environmental and an economic advantage.


    When you use Heritage Metals & Construction for your roofing project, you can rest assured that your building will have outstanding warranty protection. Our suppliers offer Total Roofing System, No Dollar Limit warranties ranging from five to 30 years, depending on your PVC system, which means that they do not depreciate over time or require a costly maintenance program. Additional warranties that protect against hail, accidental punctures, and enhanced wind speed up to 120 mph are also available. With these warranties, you can rest assured that that your roofing investment is protected, and your roof will perform optimally for years to come.